December 13, 2021 Gerard Toledano

Camí ral-El Masnou-Urban project.

Urban development project that studies the transformation of the N-II on its pass through El Masnou.

During year the citizens from this town have been living with a road crossing all the town.

Recent changes in some  government policies have led to new perspective of change in town mobility. El Masnou Council decided to lead and plan how this transformation could be in the future.

The project goal is to bring peace to the neighbors of the town by reducing the vehicle density. The project was developed in two phases. One focused on the main intersections and an other that worked on the transformation of N-II road on its pass through El Mansou. Both phases developed by two architecture studies Eipo (intereseccions) and Lola Domènech  (urban section)

The initial request was to develop a correct way to didactically show why and how this transformation could be. We finally decided to combine different techniques like video, motion graphics and cgi. Video for the actual state and CGI for the future transformation.

The first part of the video is an introduction that explains the actual state with different aerial views recorded by Airfilming. This part was important to explain the magnitude and influence in the mobility of the C-32.



After this brief introduction the video follows showing in detail all the intersection  that are projected. For this part we decided to make an overlay between the 2D cads and an orthographic view. In this case we had to work in CAD designs provided by Eipo

Following this part, based basically in 2D representations the video follows with the main par of the project. The representation of the actuation in the N-II, designed by Lola Domènech.

Because of the complexity in the pavement  this became the most challenging part of the project. Pavement were not tillable and also were mixed with vegetation.

Here you can see some designs of the project:


All pavements textures were designed with Adobe 3D Substance Designer

This is the final result. Hope you like it!

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