March 23, 2022 Gerard Toledano

3D Photoscans or Photogrammetry

Nowadays it is really common to found 3d libraries based in photoscanned objects. What does it really means? Photoscanning or Photogrammetry is basically a technique that uses a range of images of an object taken from different angles, the main goal in this process is to cover the maximum surface of the object.  After the photo capture a software processes all the images and creates a dense cloud which then is used to built a mesh with its corresponding textures.

The result mesh can be used in different applications like for example in video Games or in CGI productions, it can be also used as a base to create quad optimized meshes from a real object. It is also a good way for showing museum virtual pieces with a lot of detail  in 360 VR.

In Sketchfab  is it possible to find a lot of models that have been crated by museums all around the world. This Buddha has been create by DISTOPIC to test the pipeline in photogrammetry using Agisoft Metashape. Hope you like it!

This video has been created with the Buddha photoscanned model, the smoke was simulated using Chaos Phoenix . Rendered in Corona Render for 3DSMax.

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