December 15, 2019 Gerard Toledano


In films and theatre:

“All the objects used by actors performing in a play or film.”

This is how dictionaries define the term “prop”.We could also add Video Games in this definition because this term is also used when we talk abou all the object we can find in a Game Level.

In this exercise the challenge was to design 5 different Props. It was mandatory that two of the props should be a chest and a throne.

An other important requirement was that the models should not have more than 1500 Triangles. Only one of them could have 20K.

I’m happy with the result because I was able to respect the original design until the end of the proces.

Hope you enjoy it.

5 props for VideGames
Throne Prop 1482 Tris
Throne UVWs and Texture
Chest Prop 1016 Tris
Chest UVWs and Texture
Well Prop 1412 Tris
Tree Prop 12688 Tris
Tree UVWs and Texture
Bridge Prop 1468 Tris
Bridge UVWs and Texture
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